3/20/03: I have disabled the PayPal shopping cart system to reflect that I will not be able to provide prints on demand for the next few months or so, as I plan to move to California. Please be patient as I get situated down south, and thank you for your interest so far.

1/30/03: A PayPal shopping cart system is up and running, providing an easy and secure way of purchasing prints. It is only open to a few photos at present; I'm taking a cautious approach to selling my wares until I have a better idea what I'm getting into.

Also, while the "configure" page now works flawlessly on all the browsers I've tried it on, the pull-down menu equivalent seems tempermental. So far it works well on MSIE 5.1 for Mac, but has intermittent bugs on MSIE 4.0 for Windows, and still other bugs on Chimera 0.6.

1/27/03: Yes, there are some changes in progress, including a Paypal shopping cart system for a few chosen images. Things are still improving...

1/22/03: I found I could easily implement a secure shopping cart and payment system with paypal.com, but I would first need to decide how much to charge. So I did the numbers, and disovered that, unless I offer only large prints for sale (such as 16 x 20 inches from 6 x 7 cm trannies) or a small selection of prints, I would quickly loose money. This is because quality scans are simply too expensive and I have too few. And so I decided not to go into business, at least until I can invest in more scans.

1/20/03: The old text toplinks were replaced by a Javascript menu system, which looks better and gives me enough space to fully spell out the region names. I took care to make it compatible with all popular browers, and I've sucessfully tested it on: Netscape 4.75 for Mac, MSIE 4.0 for Windows, Netscape 6.21 for Windows, MSIE 5.1 for Mac, and Chimera 0.6. (Of course, it won't be compatible for the strong minority who turn javascript off...) If you have a major browser that still manages to scew it up, I'd like to know (though I may not get around to fixing it).

I also noticed that the 'configure' page doesn't want to work in MSIE 5.1 for Macintosh, and I suspect either a cookie read/write problem or the browser's habit of refreshing from the cache. A typical visitor will have caching problems regardless of the brower they use, as www.michaellanderson.com and www.celebrationoflight.com are currently cloaked redirects to odysseus.anderson.name/mikela/. Use this last address to get 'configure' functionality until I get non-cloaked web hosting.

1/7/03: Actual, non-trivial text added to the "What's New" and "Purchase" pages. Icon images were added to the upper-left-hand corners of the utility pages using CSS, which seems to make the toplinks buggy on certain browsers no matter how I implement it. Right now I'm annoying Internet Explorer 5.5 for Windows users and the old Netscape Navigator 4 clients, but I guess that just means I'm helping to enforce browser standards. All in all, the site is almost "up for business," figuratively and literally.

May 15, 2007: The site hasn't been updated lately, but I've continued to take photos. I have a photo blog of my 2007 trip to Peru available to those who express an interest (email me), but otherwise I'm keeping it hidden because of my renewed interest in privacy. There's not much privacy left in the United States, and I am beginning to more carefully consider how I give mine away. I have posted a few photos of my recent