Sol Duk Falls
Olympic National Park, WA
Copyright 1996-2019 by Michael L. Anderson

date found:
August 1996
Pentax P3n
Sigma 35-200mm @ 35mm
Kodak Gold 400
recommended enlargement size:
8 x 10 inches

It was mid-afternoon, and I was exhausted after having descended some 3000 feet over ten miles from the High Divide, returning from an incredible five-day backpack trip. But the waterfall is still far enough from the road that I thought it unlikely I would to be there again soon, so I I decided to make the effort to see it. It was well worth the effort!

This gem is photogenic from many different angles, but alas, I had only one frame left in my camera. I chose the common view from the bridge because I could use the rail to support my camera, since I did not have a tripod. As I was setting up, a ray of sunshine began to light the falling water, and a large-format photographer and his assistant grew impatient behind me. He took the same picture, so if you want a bleedingly sharp 20 x 24 inch print of this scene, you might find it among the portfolios of one of the major regional or national nature photographers.