Sunset on Second Beach
Olympic National Park, WA
Copyright 2000-2019 by Michael L. Anderson

date found:
Winter 2000
Rapid Omega 6 x 7
Fujichrome Velvia
recommended enlargement size:
7 x 11 inches

The clouds that covered the sky by day broke for sunset, and I ran back up the beach toward the seastacks, taking pictures as I went. This, the last shot of the day, had the most interesting light and was the only workable composition.

Unfortunately, in my haste I used a large aperture and focussed at infinity, so the foreground sand is out of focus. For years this shot languished in a box labled "regretful trash": too flawed to be useful, but too good to throw out.

This is a Photoshop composite of two frames that are identical except for exposure.