Beneath the Cherry Tree
University of Washington, WA
Copyright 2001-2019 by Michael L. Anderson

date found:
Spring 2001
Rapid Omega 6 x 7
Fujichrome Velvia
recommended enlargement size:
16 x 20 inches

The University of Washington is my alma mater. I spent many hours studying and taking pictures underneath the cherry trees in the "Quad"--along with half the student body, sightseers from around the state, wedding photographers, their brother-in-laws... Usually the blooming of the trees coincides with the first warm weather, and unlike Southern Californians (for example), we Seattlites stay outside to enjoy all the sunshine we can get.

I had been eyeing this tree for some time, but the light never seemed quite right until late one morning upon finishing class in Savery Hall. I ran back to the dorms, grabbed my camera, and captured this scene. Since I do not know nor have permission of those in the photograph, I have blurred out their faces.