Waterfall on Third Beach
Olympic National Park, WA
Copyright 1996-2019 by Michael L. Anderson

date found:
August 1996
Pentax P3n
Sigma 35-200mm @ 35mm
Kodak Gold 400
recommended enlargement size:
8 x 10 inches

I took a five-day backpack trip with my mother and brother from Third Beach to Mosquito Creek and back, which proved quite an adventure. On the south end of Third Beach there is a beautiful little waterfall down the cliffs, but because the tide was so high, I couldn't take its portrait from the front. But I did manage to get this shot from the top. I had to lean far over the cliff on my stomach to take this picture, and while I'd love to take it again with a larger-format camera, I don't think I could set up a tripod here.

This is a composite of two frames, which I combined with very little manipulation in Adobe Photoshop. While this may sound purist, no two frames will completely match up unless they are warped to correct for the geometry and distortion of the lens. A number of software packages can do this, such as Helmut Dersch's free Panorama Tools, used through PTGui on a PC or PTMac on a Macintosh. I will probably get around to stitching these frames somewhat differently than what is presented here.