Crater Lake Panorama
Crater Lake National Park, OR
Copyright 2002-2019 by Michael L. Anderson

date found:
July 2002
Olympus 35SP
Kodak Gold 200
recommended enlargement size:
4 x 14 inches at present

Driving back to Washington from California one day, I decided to take a detour to Crater Lake. That deep blue water never fails to impress, and this time there were also long streaks of yellow pine pollen on the water around Wizard Island.

This is a composite of 12 photos spanning more than 180 degrees. I took them on a whim without a tripod, and I'm surprised they came together as well as they did. This was my first stitching project, and was done using PanaVue Image Assembler. There were a number of anomalies in this photo that I worked hard to correct, including "ghosting" along the seams and a slightly curved horizon. I'm almost embarassed to display it alongside my later work, but it is still amazing to see the entirety of Crater Lake captured in one picture.