Mount Williamson and Arch
Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, CA
Copyright 1998-2019 by Michael L. Anderson

date found:
January 1998
Pentax P3n
Sigma 35-200mm @ 35mm
Fujichrome Velvia
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If you watch television or old westerns, you've seen this place before. I've forgotten the details of the many commercials I've seen featuring the Alabama Hills and the dramatic relief of the eastern Sierra, but I do remember at least one movie filmed there, a 1950's-era flick about a giant, man-eating tarantula. It's out there...somewhere.

At 14,370 feet, Mount Williamson is (I believe) the third tallest peak in the Sierra. Mount Whitney, just beyond the left side of the photo, is the highest in California at 14,494 feet.