Mono Lake Mauve
Mono Lake, CA
Copyright 1998-2018 by Michael L. Anderson

date found:
January 1998
Pentax P3n
Sigma 35-200mm @ 35mm
Fujichrome Velvia
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We were headed up Highway 395, and I so hoped to be at Mono Lake by sunset. The family RV turned onto the road to south Mono Lake, and we realized only too late we were headed downhill on a sheet of ice. Unaware that we were stuck but knowing we couldn't go further, I ran down the road toward the beach. The clouds took on interesting windswept patterns and were already starting to turn pink as I ran perhaps twenty minutes to lake's edge. I propped my camera on a tufa tower and struggled to level it as the skies turned mauve, and captured this scene. I got a ride on the way back up the road, and, more importantly, some kindly Lee Vining folk pulled us out of the ice with their dualie Chevy pickup.