Glacial Polish
Yosemite National Park, CA
Copyright 2002-2019 by Michael L. Anderson

date found:
July 2002
Rapid Omega 6 x 7
58mm, polarizer
Kodak E100SW
recommended enlargement size:
13 x 16 inches

The unique beauty of Yosemite is due in part to the quality and smoothness of the granite. The Eastern Sierra, impressive as they are, from afar seem composed mostly of broken (or ready to break) rock, whereas Tuolumnie Meadows and Yosemite Yalley look as though they could be protrusions of the same, giant rock.

Cathedral Lake gives the same impression with its shores of clean, solid granite. Some of the smoothest sections of granite were these remnants of iron-rich glacial polish, laid down by glaciers some 2000 feet thick many thousands of years ago.