Banner Peak Sunrise
Minarets Wilderness, CA
Copyright 2001-2019 by Michael L. Anderson

date found:
July 2001
Rapid Omega 6 x 7
Fujichrome Velvia
recommended enlargement size:
to be determined

A close second for my favorite picture growing up was of alpenglow on Banner Peak. What an incredible area. The high mountain environment is sparsely populated by trees and shrubs here at nearly 10,000 feet, and above 11,000 it becomes almost desertlike--nothing but pure rock, snow, and sky. Thousand Island Lake, seen here reflecting morning colors, is nearly as attractive as Banner Peak itself.

I could have taken a nice reflection shot by lake's edge if it weren't for the wind ripping at its surface, visible even at this distance. The wind was welcome, however, as smoke from a fire in the Sequoia National Forest had obscured the view the day before. I can't say if the wind was welcomed by firefighters, though.