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Yoho Valley from the Whaleback
Yoho National Park, BC
Copyright 1999-2019 by Michael L. Anderson

date found:
September 1999
Rapid Omega 6 x 7
Fuji Reala
recommended enlargement size:
8 x 75 inches

Glaciers and peaks sprawl in every direction in this 300º view of the Yoho Valley, taken from the slopes of The Whaleback. The first peak visible on the left, looking northwest, is Mont Des Poilus (3161 m). To the right and nearly free of snow is Yoho Peak (2760 m), and between the two is an arm of the Wapta Icefield, which altogether encompasses 40 square kilometers. Further to the right is the distant Mount Habel (3073 m), and flowing down from it is the Yoho Glacier, which has receded greatly in recent years. Immediately to the right and looking north is Mount Gordon (3203 m), and high toward the northeast is Mount Balfour (3272 m). The thin line of ice flowing south of the summit is actually part of the Waputik Icefield, hidden behind the ridge, which continues as far as Mounts Daly (3152 m, mostly hidden) and Niles (2972 m) to the southeast. Below these flows the Daly Glacier (hidden), which feeds the incredible 254 m Takakkaw Falls, hidden behind southwest-facing cliffs. The Yoho River flows out to join the Kicking Horse River, beyond which runs the Trans-Canada Highway and a number of high peaks: Narao (2974 m), Victoria (3464 m), Cathedral (3189 m), and Odaray (3159 m). Continuing to the right up the west side of the Yoho Valley are The Vice President (3066 m), The President (3138 m), and distant Mount Kerr (2863 m).

This panorama was stitched from nine frames oriented horizontally. The negatives were scanned at 2400 dpi, and final image would have been 50000 pixels wide if that was not beyond the 30000-pixel limit of Adobe Photoshop. There are workarounds, but I decided simply to downsample to 1200 dpi.