Mount Assiniboine from The Nublet
Assiniboine Provincial Park, BC
Copyright 1999-2019 by Michael L. Anderson

date found:
September 1999
Rapid Omega 6 x 7
Fuji Reala
recommended enlargement size:
16 x 64 inches

Rising majestically above its glacier-clad neighbors to a height of 3618 meters, Mount Assiniboine is the sixth-highest peak in the Rockies and a popular backcountry destination. It's pointy, pyramidal form bears a strong resemblance to Switzerland's Matterhorn (especially when seen from Assiniboine Lodge), earning it the moniker, "Matterhorn of the Rockies."

The gently rolling meadows and forests beneath invite days of exploration. The three prominent lakes, from left to right, are Magog, Sunburst, and Cerulean. Red-roofed Assiniboine Lodge sits above the end of Magog Lake, opposite the mountain.

We arrived by helicopter (the bane of wilderness purists, I know) because there was only a small window of good weather. Indeed, it snowed the morning after we left. We intended to stay in the tent we brought, but, intimidated by reports of grizzly bears, we instead bunked in one of the old Naiset cabins. Good thing, too, because grizzlies followed us the next two days. We returned to the lodge after climbing The Nublet to discover that several hikers reported seeing a couple of bears at various places about a half-hour behind us on the trail. This promted us to hike the 30 km out in one day, and my sixty-pound pack became almost unbearable. As I waited at the trailhead with the packs while the others went on to the fetch the car at the heliport, two huge forms lumbered down the trail and started groping at cars. Luckily for me (and the cars), a little noise was enough to scare the bears off.

This 171º panorama was stitched from six frames using PTMac and Adobe Photoshop.